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Is real estate investing  right for ME?

For many real estate investors, the deals they make are about a lot more than building profits or increasing cash flow.  Many real estate investors love what they do because they can and do help people.  You can structure deals that earn you income while helping a family with little, bad or no credit achieve the dream of owning a home. As a real estate investor, you can help people facing foreclosure get their lives back by creating a deal that stops the foreclosure while earning money for you, the investor.  By coming up with creative solutions, you can help people solve their problems while earning excellent returns from your real estate investments.  These are real win-win situations for all involved. There is no better feeling than knowing you are able to meet your own dreams and goals while helping other people solve their problems. People just like you are helping solve problems for others while achieving their own financial freedom all the time.

Where do I start if I am new to real estate investing?

If you are new to real estate investing you may be overwhelmed by the options you have seen or heard about. You may be concerned that you do not have the money or credit to get started with investing. You may even wonder if real estate investing is right for you.  There are proven real estate investment methods where no credit or cash is needed, such as flipping houses, lease options, “subject to” transactions, and other “no money down” options. These methods are low-risk and can net you many thousands of dollars with each successful investment.  You may be thinking that this is not possible, or that there is a catch somewhere. The only catch is that you need to educate yourself about these investing opportunities. When you learn how to structure these scenarios, you can not only get started with no money down, you can earn serious money on your investments.

Strategies that make you money in real estate with little or no risk.

There are a number of real estate investment strategies that will get you started on the road to financial freedom with little or no financial risk or outlay on your part. These strategies include:
•Use a lease options. This allows you to make a commitment to buy a property with almost no money down and with an extended period of time to arrange financing.
•Quick flipping houses. This strategy allows you to make money by finding sellers who need to sell the property quickly. They are willing to sell for way less than what the home is worth. Then “flip” your contract to a new buyer who will pay you more than what you agreed to pay. In most if not all cases you never put a dollar at risk.
•Taking “Subject-To”. This mean taking title to the property subject to the existing mortgage that is already in place on the home. The terms of the note that were initially created with the lender stay the same, including the name on the loan. Simply put, you are not assuming the loan.

Profitable investments for more experienced investors.

Investing in commercial real estate can be the most profitable option for experienced investors. Just be aware that higher profits may and usually do carry a somewhat higher risk. Diligence is a mandatory.  Investing in foreclosures and bank foreclosed real estate (REOs), either with or without a short sale, usually will also produce substantial profits on investments.  Rehabbing a home is also for more experienced investors. If you know what you’re doing, you can make bigger profits than with flipping houses or lease options, but you also have more potential risk. The most important rule here is: Do not be the handyman! Hire a professional who knows what their doing.  Many investors enjoy buying and holding single family houses as rental properties. That way you can get a cash flow every month, decent tax deductions yearly,  and the possibility of a large profit when you decide to sell the investment. If you’re interested in rental property, be sure to learn everything you can about landlording before jumping into this type of investment.  Experts in discounted mortgages, trust deeds, and other “paper” understand the power of coupling real estate transactions with real estate paper. By combining the two, you have the ability to out-negotiate, out-maneuver, and outsmart your competition.

Broad real estate expertise from Anthony DiDonato you can depend on to take your investing success to its maximum potential!

•Investing in commercial real estate
•Make more cash flow as a real estate landlord
•Leveraging retirement funds for real estate investing
•Investing in rehab properties
•Strategies that allow you to profit from properties that have no equity
•Methods to improve your monthly cash flow
•Strategies to profit from foreclosures and short sales
•Ensuring you know how to protect your hard earned assets
•Creative (and traditional) ways to fund your deals

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